The FLOW: A SoulComing

The FLOW: A SoulComing



You are ready to connect with your power.

You know that you can’t wait for the world to settle before

honoring your truth.

You are ready to let go of fear, doubt, guilt, old wounds and

old narratives of unworthiness.

You are ready to start embracing your purpose.

What Is “SoulComing”

     Let's come home to our soul.                                         

Let’s connect and listen to our inner heart, truth and power.

The  disruptions and eruptions of the last year and half (plus) can seem heavy, overwhelming and  traumatic.  Even still, there is an opportunity for deeper authenticity, meaning and connection with our true essence.

This four-week course is an opportunity to put our attention, intention and energy on creating a sacred space for replenishing, nourishing, forgiveness, healing, peace, ease…and of course, flow. 

Four Week Course + Bonus Private Session

Sundays at 2 pm EST, 12 pm MST, 11 am PST

We  meet for four weeks on zoom for 75 min. 

Includes meditation, lesson, reflection questions and shared discussion 

BONUS Private Session :  40 min One on One

Sunday, 10/24 – Replenish and Nourish   

Sunday, 10/31 – Stillness and Presence

Sunday, 11/7 – Forgiveness and Healing

Sunday, 11/14 – Peace and Power



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About Michanda

Michanda is committed to helping people live with authenticity, presence and power.  Her passion is   guiding people to freedom and expansion as they let go of whatever may be holding them back.  Michanda believes that we each are already whole, perfect and complete and as we connect with our true essence, our soul, we can live the fullness. 

To be free is to give your soul permission to heal, to flourish, to shine and to flow – without excuses or exceptions. 

It’s time for SoulComing.