The FLOW: Soul Awakening


There is a time for everything. 

That includes a time to rest. 

 A time to sleep.  

And a time to awaken. 

Let’s go deep into

Why Am I Here?

Let’s fully give ourselves

Permission To Exquisitely BE

This season it is time to wake from our slumber of thinking we are not enough and holding ourselves hostage from our true dreams.

It’s time to nurture our inner light.

It’s time for Soul Awakening.

We will meet for four Sundays LIVE on Zoom

12:00 Р1:30 pm MST,  2:00 Р3:30 pm EST

Week 1  Who Am I

(June 6)

Week 2  My Purpose & Gifts

(June 13)

Week 3 Healing Old Wounds

(June 20)

Week 4  Self Love & Approval

(June 27)