“When I am ready, that which I have been searching for – even when I didn’t know I was searching – appears.”

Who I read and watch

Cajardo Lindsey,  Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Byron Katie,  Adyashanti, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Origen, Thomas Aquinas, Kalistos Ware, Thict Nhat Hanh, Lou Tice, Rumi, Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Smart

Personal relationships that ground me and inspire me

Ursula Boyd, Vanessa Russell, Elizabeth Griffin, Jada Mateo, Cheryl Windom-Davis, Avi Penhollow (and of course, Cajardo Lindsey)

What others say

“Over the years, I have sought Michanda’s advice on a plethora of life issues including but not limited to, small business, and family affairs; as well as, parental and spiritual guidance. And every time, her keen wisdom; non-judgmental; and most compassionate heart has always gracefully put things in perspective. She listens with her heart & motivates you to feel and breathe from your soul! My spirit nourishes & embraces my own truth as a purposeful woman, wife & mother, even more so today because of her! Michanda’s light pierces & invigorates anyone in its path; an encounter with her transforms you forever! “

~Vanessa Russell
Baltimore, Maryland


“What it is like talking to Michanda is like a breath of fresh air. Her voice is the oracle of the spirit; it is a calm and peaceful voice, that guides and instructs you to your destiny and destination. The voice of Michanda provides strength, structure and courage to move forward. Once she speaks your life will never be the same.”

~Tarena C.                                                                                                                                               Denver, Colorado


“Talking to Michanda is a place of safety, honesty and encouragement. She looks into the spirit/ soul of a person, beyond the surface and sees infinite potential. She listens without judgement. Understands, and speaks with great wisdom.”

~ Jada Mateo                                                                                                                                                   Lakewood, Colorado


“Michanda Lindsey has a knack for creating spaces in which genuine conversations thrive.  Her sincerity and warmth invite me to share a bit of my soul.  When my soul is deflated, she encourages me to seek out the wisdom necessary to revive it.  When my soul is flying, she celebrates with me, helping me spread my wings even wider so it can truly soar.”

~ Kasia Duda-Bowen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Denver, Colorado


“Working and speaking with Michanda is always a calming and restorative interaction.  She has an innate talent of being able to put things in perspective, and guide me towards solutions and opportunities I may have overlooked in my natural state of mental mayhem!”

~Kelly Burrgraaf                                                                                                                                   Denver, Colorado